AS9120 Aerospace Distribution Quality Management Systems Standard

AS9120 (sometimes referred to as AS 9120) is the stocking and distribution element of the AS aerospace quality management systems standards series, which reflects the highly regulated nature of the aviation, defence and space industries.

This standard adds more than 100 extra requirements to AS9100 that are specific to organisations holding and distributing AS related components from instruments such as gauges, gaskets and fasteners to subsections of the finished product – wings, landing gear and navigational arrays.

AS9120 Standard

AS9120 is designed to ensure stockists and distributors handle and track parts properly while they are en route from the original manufacturer to the end customer. The standard adds quality management to stages of this journey such as: ownership or custody; tracking; and organisation and availability of records.

The AS9120 certification is relevant to many different types of organisation in the supply chain. These include companies buying parts and selling them on either as they are or assembled with other components; or, indeed, broken down and sold on as disconnected parts. Procurers of these parts typically resell them to other customers in the aviation, defence and space sectors sometimes as spares to replace obsolescent items.

Other organisations the standard is relevant to are involved in warehousing aerospace components. AS9120 is not intended for repairers or reworkers of products.

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Benefits of achieving AS9120 certification

Your organisation will garner the following benefits by attaining the AS9120 standard:

  • A reduction in the risk of loss of, or damage to, components
  • Improved performance against competitors by proving the reliability of your traceability and delivery systems to customers
  • Access to best practice gathered from across the aerospace industry, and elevated quality management to match global warehousing and distribution standards in your sector
  • Potential expansion of your market to a global audience because you are following standards recognised the world over
  • Happier customers leading to better results and a boost to your bottom line.

Many of our Qualitators are aviation industry experts and will guide you through the certification process, helping your business achieve AS9120. This standard should be treated as complementary to existing regulations, not as a replacement for them.

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