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Ignore speculation, hearsay and exaggerated stories about what it’s like to implement ISO 9001 within an organisation. In this comprehensive guide, we lay out exactly what you can expect. For searchers looking for information on ISO 9001 accreditation, please be advised that the official terminology is ISO 9001 certification.  This is provided by a range of over 150 independent bodies in the UK alone so contact us for assistance in determining your course of action.

“We didn’t want ISO to just be a tick-box exercise, or to end up with an ISO system where ‘the tail wags the dog’.

What we received from Qualitation has been superb – without fault really.

We’ve been delighted with the investment. I gave Qualitation a very detailed brief and they responded to it magnificently. Qualitation were by far the best of the six potential suppliers we looked at.”

Glenn Campbell Operations Director – Thomas Franks Catering Ltd

“Thank you for helping us to achieve success in our BSI stage 2 audit.

The auditor was impressed with how prepared we were and advised that this was the first instance she had seen in two years where there had not been a single non-conformance in either audit.

The result has been a quality management system that not only conforms to the ISO standard, but that fits with the way we operate our business.”

Chantal Watling Quality Manager – Wolfram Research

Whether you decide to ask us to help you achieve your ISO 9001 Quality+ standard or not, absorbing the information in the guide will help you make the right decisions moving forward.

Sections include:

  • Why should you get ISO 9001 Certification?
  • What are the ISO 9001 requirements?
  • What to expect at the ISO 9001 assessment time?
  • What is the ISO 9001 process?
  • How is the ISO 9001 cost determined?
  • How long it will take to be ready for the ISO 9001 assessment?
  • How to find out how to choose an ISO 9001 certification company or ISO 9001 consultants?