Qualitation, ISO Certficiation

Get the facts on ISO Certification.

Ignore speculation, hearsay and exaggerated stories about what it’s like to implement ISO within an organisation. In this comprehensive guide, we lay out exactly what you can expect.

    Whether you decide to ask us to help you achieve your ISO standard or not, absorbing the information in the guide will help you make the right decisions moving forward.

    You will:

    • Learn how the process actually works
    • Be able to decide whether ISO is a good idea right now
    • Be able to answer questions on ISO from others in your organisation
    • Be able to ask the right questions of your quality consultant

    Sections include:

    • Why should you get an ISO
    • What you need to do to implement an ISO
    • What to expect at assessment time
    • How long it will take to be ready for assessment
    • How to choose a certifier