Even in the most restrictive times, there may be additional support in the form of grants and assistance to reduce the impact of installing a business management system or standard.

Qualitation has direct links with a range of grants and assistance outlets which can advise on how to optimise a successful application.

Currently, the following grants are potentially available and we can assist access:

ISO 27001 IT and Data Security, Qualitation, ISO Certficiation
  • Manufacturing sector
  • Organisations wanting to grow (but restricted to those with turnovers < £4m)
  • Eco-Innovation – anything environmentally based (eg ISO 14001)
  • The Reuse sector (electrical, wood, furniture etc)
  • For Cyber Essentials installation – useful for Data Security systems

To find out more about grants and assistance

Call us on: 0845 600 6975
Or email: enquiries@qualitation.co.uk