Change Management

Change Management is the process whereby alterations in an organisation’s or individual’s life that result in disruption and potential stress break downs, can be better organised to ensure that the process is carried out as smoothly, positively and quickly as sensibly possible.

What is Change Management?

Change Management is a combination of the tools and techniques that go into the process of managing the staff side of any change so as to obtain the desired organisational result. Change Management utilises a range of approaches to facilitate those people to transition through the change smoothly and with understanding which will help that change to attain the intended organisational goals.

There are a range of different stages including ensuring that everyone in the organisation is involved, that each layer of the organisation gets its say, involving everyone, ensuring that the organisational culture supports the message being put across, and on to include a periodic review and adaptation phase.


Why is Change Management Important?

Change Management is the name given to the care of the personnel during a process of altering how the organisation works – such change being either voluntarily or forced upon the organisation.  It is clear that changing a process or changing a supplier or changing a delivery will not impact the organisation as an organisation. But these issues do impact on the individuals concerned, on their lives, their attitudes, their beliefs and their hopes and expectations.

As the individuals run the operation and processes of the organisation, and as they are prone, being human, to be impacted by new developments, it is important that they be helped through the change process. This will enable them to operate better through the process, gain the optimum development from the process and allow the organisation to pass through the change process fast and with minimal adverse effect.

During change, humans face a number of impacts on their mindsets – starting with denial, then a level of despondency followed by acceptance and then excitement as the change evolves and takes place.  Managing this process so that the adverse impact on the organisation is contained, while reassuring the individual at the same time, can be tricky but is very important to ensure that the change proceeds at speed, while keeping staff on board.


How should we take on board the Change Management requirements to our plans for change?

Given that each situation is different, there is no clear answer to this. Suffice to say that you should Contact Us to discuss how we can help you identify the issues, the relevant staff, the actions to be taken and the timeframe you should consider. We look forward to talking to you on this in detail.


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