How can we help you build a world-class business?

Our aim is not to just to make you good enough. Our aim is to make your business achieve a standard of excellence that’s so high, you simply cannot fail to gain accreditation or certification at the first hit. And we’ve managed this for every single one of our clients to date – and we’ve been around for nearly 20 years.


We take stock of your business today, outline what you need to do to get where you need to be and guide you through to the end of the assessment process. After that, we will have ensured you have the skills to maintain and operate the procedures yourselves. We can then start to show you how to develop your systems to truly make them world class.

This is how it works:

1. You identify which standard you want.

The standard, or standards, you choose will depend on your industry, your company size and complexity and the stage your organisation has reached in its development. We will talk you through this process and detail what will be needed for each step. This will be the introductory process to allow you to assess how we operate and for us to better determine what your organisation needs.

2. We select your Qualitator.

Your Qualitator is the person that assesses your business, and then works with you to implement the changes necessary. We select the person who’s the best match for your industry, standard and location.

3. We analyse your business.

Working both on- and off-site, your Qualitator will cast an expert eye over your operations – reviewing your premises, documentation and existing systems.

4. You get feedback.

Your Qualitator will discuss what you need to do to prepare for assessment and how long that’s likely to take. The Qualitator will keep you fully informed on progress with reviews as required.

5. We get you ready for assessment.

This is the follow up stage after the initial review. There is no obligation to enlist our help, you can use your report as a reference and implement the changes yourself. Or, your Qualitator can guide you through. They’ll bring best practice to your procedures and tell you if something’s not quite right.

6. After your successful assessment.

We will have trained you and your staff to maintain and operate the systems yourselves. We can then commence the next stage to develop the systems so that they attain their optimum returns. In the meantime we can assist as needed if you want additional auditing, training or systems maintenance in the event of sickness or staff departure for example – or even to keep costs down.

Reduce costs, attract investors and increased productivity by implementing ISO standards.

Qualitation has direct links with a range of grants – call us and find out if you qualify.

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What is the next step?

Check which standard or standards you want to attain.

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“During the next UKAS visit following Qualitation’s work, the UKAS assessor said our quality manual was one of the best they’d ever seen. That whole assessment went exceptionally well and I was extremely happy with the outcome.”

– Control Plant Ltd.