Staff Training Control and Virtual Training Process

To ensure that the optimum levels of quality are maintained requires a balance of cost v effort as well as clearly defined levels of attention to get the right level of involvement. Training control is part of all procedures required by the ISO Standards.  As such they must be completed in full covering all procedures at regular intervals.  Thus, a schedule of training for each individual is created to control this.  Moreover, if the training can be tested in multiple choice style questions, the computer can also assess how well the training has been understood. By then setting acceptable levels and pass rates, the organisation can have a mostly automated training system but with sufficient human interaction to provide the individuality needed.

When this is carried out manually, every step show has to be completed by hand (shown in red in the diagram below).

Where the automated systems are engaged, only the red shaded steps are completed by hand, and the remaining green steps are automatically carried out by the systems.


Staff-Training-Control-and-Virtual-Training-Process BEFORE

Of the 12 actions described in the process above, only three of them require the involvement of humans – the other nine can be addressed automatically – saving at least 75% of the activities.  The remaining tasks are the ones are ones requiring human intervention as they involve creative value-based judgements that cannot be left to computers.  The rest are basic reporting functions and closed choice activities (eg. The instruction, “file this in this particular file, with its date” has only one solution – whereas “design the best document for our systems” is open to vast range of interpretation).

We can help you set up the process correctly according to the way your organisation wants to work – cutting out tedious filing and email cross checks and ensuring that no tasks get mislaid.  Contact Us for more details.

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