9001 ISO Standards Consultancy

The focus of the ISO 9001 Standard, despite of its name, is Customer Satisfaction.

When the customer is satisfied, they come back with less effort from you – even if, over time, you raise prices.
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Since 1998, Qualitation has actively supported the implementation of ISO standards for companies throughout the UK. We provide an ISO creation and installation service ISO audit services, advice on a range of ISO standards, ISO training and formalised progress reviews.

Implementing the ISO 9001 Standard within your organisation requires you to:

  • Set up a method for your customers to provide feedback, so you can actually measure customer satisfaction.
  • Ensure your customers have nothing to complain about.
  • Ensure your staff have a comprehensive and ongoing training programme.
  • Ensure that feedback from customers and internal sources is used to develop your future systems to get better still.


We intend to retain our 100% success rate: ISO standard certification has been awarded to every client for over 20 years.

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