AS9100 Aerospace Manufacturing Quality Management Systems Standard

AS9100 (sometimes referred to as AS 9100) is the manufacturing element of the AS aerospace quality management systems standards series, which reflects the highly regulated nature of the aviation, defence and space industries.

Like all standards, it is internationally recognised and assists firms with continuous improvement to meet changing customer requirements, by setting in place monitoring procedures.

Aviation ISO accreditation, Qualitation

Benefits of AS9100 Manufacturing standard

  1. Your organisation will gain the following benefits through utilisation of the AS9100 standard:
    • Clear instructions for each stage of the manufacturing process – including skills required, tools to be used, equipment calibrations appropriate and material specifications all feeding into the procedures for combining this list of inputs to generate the required outputs
    • The ability to trace equipment through the supply chain process – a necessary requirement to ensure that all quality and procurement controls have been correctly observed and can be seen to have been
    • Permits third party audits and assessment to be carried out as both preventative measures and in order, if necessary, to trace problems to their source in order to identify solutions and attribute responsibilities
    • Enhancing existing knowledge and processes – using the standard, and its requirement for continuous improvement, to ensure that the procedures and staff utilising them are reviewed and improved regularly – not just maintained as is
    • Improved efficiency minimising wasted resource and budget – ie the review and improvements process will identify better ways to work – which in turn would need to be more efficient to be regarded in this light – hence the whole process improves
    • Motivation of your workforce through their involvement in the certification process. A better trained workforce, operating a tighter, more efficient system will feel happier about its skills, its outputs, its contribution and its success – all boosting morale, cutting staff turnover and directly linking to customer satisfaction improvements.


Many of our Qualitators are aviation industry experts and will guide you through the certification process, helping your business achieve AS9120. This standard should be treated as complementary to existing regulations, not as a replacement for them.

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