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Rescue Service

What is a Rescue Service, why would Rescue Services be needed?

What does the Rescue Service cover?

Qualitation uses this term to mean those occasions when an organisation finds itself in a fix and needs assistance to get itself clear:

  • Your ISO Standards manager fell under a bus and you suddenly realise your systems need to be ready for recertification shortly
  • You had forgotten you needed to get an ISO Standard to enable you to continue working with your key customer and they have just reminded you that you have less than a month to get something sorted or they go elsewhere
  • You discover that your ISO system records have all vanished into the ether after your server was affected by a flood and you don’t know how to recover the situation and/or prevent this happening in the future
  • You have had a fire, and while your systems are in order, no one can spare a minute for the forthcoming assessment so you need it delayed

… No doubt you get the gist!


How does the Rescue Service work?

We effectively parachute in one of our consultants who can review the situation and assist you to design your plan to solve the problem, and then can be instrumental in providing the manpower to make this happen (as the usual need for calling someone in is a lack of manpower available to take this on internally).

Given the likely time constraints, this is an intensive period of work and a great deal can be carried out in a short space of time.  It should be recognised that the aim is entirely to solve the initial problem usually to a time frame and a budget. This will result in a fit-for-purpose result addressing the original problem. It may not cover every last item that can and will need to be done as many of these can be carried out internally once the pressure is off (especially if staff know what needs doing).


Who should carry out the Rescue Service?

This requires a combination of ISO Standards knowledge, skills in developing the ISO systems and abilities to encourage people to get things done at a pace.  The key component here is the latter ability as without it, any work not done will not help at all even if work that is done is not as good as it could be, but given the timeframe it will do.


What results from the Rescue Service?

As requested, the problems are solved and/or more time gained to ensure that life can continue without ignominiously loosing your certification and/or costing you a great deal of money sorting it out. Often a delay is the easiest and cheapest option when this is a viable option.


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