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ISO Standards Installation

Getting Certification – Guaranteed: the ISO Process

Designing and Creating an ISO Standard System for you

Having decided that you want to go for Certification and reap the benefits of having an ISO Standard the next step we can help with is to ensure you get the systems that work most smoothly for you while still attain the Certification you seek.

The right design of ISO management system will ensure that the impact on your operations will be both minimally disruptive (because we ensure we change no more than we have to and keep your existing procedures wherever possible) and will yield the maximum effect (by addressing the key features that will make the greatest difference to your operations over time). This process involves discussions between your team and our Qualitator consultant until all are happy that the optimum approach has been determined.


Installing your ISO Standard System

This is the point where the systems are drawn up completely and are ready to be implemented (if they are not already in operation owing to the fact they are copies of existing processes – simply updated and altered to match the requirements of the ISO Standard(s)).

The first hurdle here is to get recognition of this achievement by two key parties. Firstly, by the staff – which may involve some awareness training for those not already involved in the creative process. This brings them up to speed, alerts them to what has been done and most importantly, why it has been done.

Secondly the Certifiers carry out the Stage 1 assessment at this point – checking that the systems as written match the requirements of the ISO Standard(s) in question.  This involves a run through of the documentation by the assessors and cross checking with the standard to ensure all the relevant components are present. We guarantee that, with our assistance, you will pass this Stage 1 assessment first time (we have over 20 years of 100% pass rates to back this up).

Following the success of the Stage 1 assessment, the next step is to get everyone to use the procedures and ensure that the records are kept to demonstrate this.  One of the procedures that will likely be new is the Internal Audit process.  We provide training in how this should be carried out – if you do not want us to undertake this on your behalf.  Our usual practice is to assist during the first year or so, but to train up your own internal auditors to take this on thereafter. This is the best way to encourage involvement and understanding by staff in the whole process – while at the same time advancing the operational capability of the organisation fastest. See Internal Auditing for more details.

The final part of the installation process is to guide you through the Management Review process – this requires a thorough review of all the systems, documentation and the standard(s) themselves at least once a year to ensure that everything is keyed together and moving in a synchronised fashion.


Certification of your ISO Standard System

Following the Management Review, the Certifiers return to undertake the Stage 2 assessment. This is where they examine the way the systems are run and ensure that the working processes and records match the requirements of the standard(s). Following successful attainment of Stage 2, they will issue your ISO Certificate(s).  Again, we have over 20 years of gaining ISO Certifications first time for 100% of our clients – so we guarantee that you too will succeed!


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