Growth & Efficiency

Qualitation views the improvement of an organisations abilities so that it can outperform its past and benefit from applying improvements over time, as an extension of the lessons learned from ISO Business Management Systems. As such the activities we undertake, and which are shown in this section are an extension of the activities required to complete ISSO System adoption. Performing these extended activities will further enhance the organisation’s abilities to outdistance its competition and to improve on its past time after time.

Definition: What is meant by Growth & Efficiency Consultancy?

These are the areas of consultancy that build on your existing systems (whether within your own organisation already or by virtue of any ISO System you utilise) to enhance your performance, returns, effectiveness and enjoyment while undertaking your day to day operations.

There are 6 key areas that we focus upon – click on the section to see the relevant page:

1. Lean Management

2. 6 Sigma

3. Team Building

4. Productivity

5. Psychological Testing

6. Change Management

Together these areas allow your management team to better develop the personnel, the infrastructure, the teams and the operations of your organisation to benefit all the stakeholders.


  • All staff gain a better understanding of the activities undertaken by the organisation – what they are, their capacities, their faults and benefits, where the bottlenecks are and how to fix things.
  • Directors and Managers get a better idea how to control the activities to develop them to produce a higher quality, less wasteful, more effective and efficient return on investment.
  • Key Managers can more easily identified specific training requirements, particular relationship issues within and between departments as well as overarching organisational cultures that can be helpful – or anything but.
  • Shareholders will gain a better return, with more security, reliability and consistency.
  • Customers will be assured of a long lasting partner able to assist them better to achieve their own ends.
  • Suppliers will be assured of a long lasting customer able to reassure them that their own work will be in demand (so long as it remains in spec).
  • Individuals will be able to identify not only where the tasks they are currently addressing can best be undertaken (together with the resource requirements and training needs) but also what they could aspire to and so develop their own personal offerings and learnings from the process.

Any one of these areas might be more important than the other areas – and which that will be will depend on the organisation concerned. It is likely that several of such areas would help to improve every organisation – and in combination that likelihood rises to a certainty, in our opinion.

To find out more how each area works, what it covers, what the benefits are and what it will mean, please click on the relevant page in the list above.

If you would rather talk to us to discuss what this would mean for your organisation and get our input on where to start this process, please Contact Us.

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