Growth and Efficiency

All businesses want to grow, and to do that they often need to improve efficiency to boost the overall performance of the organisation.

But change management leading to business growth can be tough. There are lots of barriers, from keeping your workforce onside as systems and culture change to ensuring you maintain a high level of customer service and satisfaction as growth occurs.

More than change for change’s sake

Without having a clear road map for success, change could bring about more problems than it solves. That’s why Qualitators are equipped with all the requisite knowledge and skill to underpin business growth.

We advocate the creation of an ambitious yet viable three-year plan. Only by standing back from your business, working “on it”, not “in it”, will you be able to truly effect lasting and successful change. Our experts will join you from beginning to end to devise and implement your business vision.

Typically, our Qualitators act as a business coach who can help you view your organisation as a whole and from a fresh perspective. Our team has experience across a range of industry sectors and with multiple types of business change. They can apply their experience and knowledge to assess what’s working, what isn’t and quickly identify any barriers to changing direction.

Helping you change for good

Following a detailed assessment of existing processes, your Qualitator will propose a strategy that may involve widespread and continuous changes to your systems – but all with support, understanding and acceptance from your organisation as they go. This can include better ongoing training of employees. It might also mean installing and measuring new quality controls, ensuring the organisation can fulfill an increase in orders with maintained – or improved – customer satisfaction as growth happens.

It’s important to note that change management and business growth can exist with or without ISO certification. However, a regular bonus of going through this process is achieving ISO standards along the way. In other words, your vision shouldn’t be restricted by ISO standards alone, as these can very often be picked up as part of the wider development of your organisation. Either way, you’ll be fully prepared for future success.

1. Business Advisor

Implementing a growth strategy typically involves a business coach – someone who can look at your company from a fresh perspective. With wide ranging industry knowledge and experience in change management, our Qualitators can assess what’s working, where improvements need to be made and spot potential pitfalls.

The Qualitator will undertake a detailed review of your processes, personnel and systems and advise on the changes that are needed to improve efficiency, quality and monitoring. They can then support the implementation and employee adoption of the recommended changes.

2. Improving Your Processes

Business growth is dependent on the ability to reliably fulfil an increase in orders. It’s not just attracting new buyers with a marketing campaign or investing money to build your team, changes have to be made across the board on an on-going basis.

With efficient, monitored processes and quality controls in place, you have solid foundations on which to build the business. By following the processes and measuring performance it’s easier to train and enthuse new employees, identify gaps, prepare financial forecasts and manage the growth. You are also in a stronger position to document the information needed for investors, lenders and bids.

3. A World Class Business – in three years

Qualitation is confident that we can help your company to realise growth and efficiency. The combination of your ambitions and our expertise will produce a three year plan to transform your organisation into a world class business.

With our support at every step of the way, you’ll also gain ISO certification along the way, but this will be part of a bigger programme to fully prepare your business for success.

Meet with the Qualitator

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“I’ve worked with Geoff over a number of years and greatly value his integrity and pragmatic approach to helping companies achieve better results. Business Consultancy seems at times a crowded field but Geoff stands out head and shoulders above the rest.”

– Ian Walker Ltd.

“The integrity was never in question, he was easy to get on with and his expert guidance was always well thought through. While a subject matter expert he always made his guidance easy to follow. Carl always made himself available, pleasure to do business with.”

– Gary Nevison