ISO IT Business Management Systems

Qualitation is always looking for additional tools that help its customers facilitate their daily business activities.

Definition: What is an ISO IT Business Management System

These are computerised systems that take over the day to day management of many aspects of running the ISO systems in an organisation and even the ongoing management of the organisation itself. This is possible because the activities that have to take place are often repetitive, programmable (once certain parameters are known) and thus capable of being automated.

These systems have existed for many years, but the more recent versions are both more adaptable, more capable and easier to use while being cheaper and reliable at the same time.

Qualitation is pleased to announce that it is now agent to several different companies selling ISO IT Systems designed to take the hassle from staff while ensuring a more comprehensive and trackable result.

Benefits of utilising Automated IT Systems:

Frees up staff time

Faster so more efficient

More accurate records

Full traceability for audits

Cost effective

Reduces staff costs

Increases monies earned 

Easy to install

Fit for purpose

Different models available

Micro v SME v Enterprise

Basic function

Advice and Technical support a call away

 Logical and easy to use with step by step approach

  A wide range of existing business clientele

Qualitation is able to offer three alternative IT systems that can address the differing needs or organisations in their different evolutionary stages of development.  The following table shows the coverage supplied by each IT system but does not take account of the flexibility or costs involved.

Options: System 1, System 2 or System 3

Organisation Scale

To discuss what options would work best for your situation, please complete the form below and we will be in touch.

There are many tasks to be carried out in any organisation, but where possible, these can now be passed to an automated IT system so that they can be carried out without direct human interaction. There are a range of tasks that are perfect for this sort of treatment: periodic, statement (rather than opinion) and/or related to other tasks (eg. An alert to tell someone to do something).

Automatic Administration takes the administrative bureaucracy out of managing your ISO Standards in a number of different areas:

Automated Oversight allows Management By Exception monitoring which not only saves time but allows for more complex and frequent observation of indicators:

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